Kirk Johnson is a modern-day Oskar Schindler fighting to save Iraqis whose lives are in danger because they worked for the U.S. government and military to help rebuild Iraq. Now, perceived as traitors, they are systematically hunted—killed, kidnapped, and forced into lives on the run. Frustrated by a stagnating government bureaucracy in the U.S. that fails to protect its Iraqi allies, Kirk begins compiling a list of their names and works with a team of lawyers to get them out of harm’s way.
THE LIST was filmed over four years in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and the United States.

Director/Producer: Beth Murphy
Director of Photography: Kevin Belli
Producer: Sean Flynn
Editor: Kevin Belli
Executive Producers: Charles Sennott, Nick Quested
Associate Producers: Beth Balaban, Alyssa Gantz, Nathan Tisdale

‘Forgotten in Iraq’
The New York Times, 2012

As an American, as a journalist and simply as a person who tries to maintain some moral clarity in my life, I felt compelled in this Op-Doc video to tell the story of the workers in Iraq whose lives have been endangered or destroyed because of their loyalty to the United States.


I serve on the board of the International Institute of New England, an organization that helps settle refugees in the Boston area. In early 2007, we heard that our organization would soon be aiding a flood of Iraqi refugees. Many would be men and women who had worked directly for the United States government while we were at war in their country. They were Iraqis who threw their lot in with the Americans, serving as translators and guides, administrative staff members and procurement experts. But as the conflict dragged on, radical militias began to target the Iraqi workers and their families.