Brave High


Brave Diaries

Our mental health IMPACT work is focused on putting an end to stigma once and for all. Brave Diaries is a first-of-its-kind digital community of teen storytellers who are going on the record about their mental health journeys. These are personal, unfiltered accounts from young people who are living with or recovering from a mental illness or substance abuse disorder. Created in partnership with WETA’s mental health initiative WellBeings and This is My Brave, an organization dedicated to fighting stigma through live storytelling.

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BRAVE HIGH is a documentary film focused on teenagers who say they’re the generation to put an end to mental health stigma. To do it, they’re telling their own stories – raw and unfiltered. From skyrocketing rates of anxiety and depression to the impacts of racial and intergenerational trauma, these teens share their struggles and triumphs and carry a powerful message: Storytelling saves lives.


Director: Beth Murphy

Producers: Patrice Howard, Beth Murphy

Associate Producer: Sadie Zuch

BRAVE HIGH is a production of Principle Pictures for WETA in partnership with WellBeings, a major public media, multi-platform campaign from WETA committed to demystifying and destigmatizing our physical and mental health through storytelling. Featuring teen storytellers from This is My Brave, an organization committed to destigmatizing mental health issues through live storytelling and scientific research.

“Our mission is to get to the place where one day…we live in a world where we don’t have to call it brave for talking openly about mental illness. We will simply call it talking.”


– Jennifer Marshall
Founder, This Is My Brave