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As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, director Beth Murphy is committed to partnering with educators to use the film as a teaching tool that can help reshape the national conversation around September 11th. Companion curriculum/study/action guides for teachers, students and community groups are currently being written by Teacher’s College of Columbia University. These guides are specifically designed for History and Social Sciences teachers at the middle and high school levels. At the college/university level, a second guide is designed to teach on the following topics: Women’s Studies, International Studies, Psychology, and Peace Studies. If you would like to receive the companion curriculum, please email us and we’ll make sure you get it when it’s completed in April 2011:

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I have rarely seen students so moved and eager to make a difference on behalf of others whom they are never likely to meet or know. At the same time, the film opened their minds and hearts in ways that I found absolutely inspiring. When I invited the students to write a reflection on the film and its impact on their perceptions of Afghanistan, responses such as these were typical: “Before watching the film I felt prejudice toward Muslims, because they prayed from the same book that led the extremists to attack on 9/11. However, I learned that hatred was misguided toward ordinary Afghan people who in fact had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks… I feel like my own wounds from that day have started to heal… This film gave me a powerful sense of hope."
Peter Schmidt
Director of Studies
Gill St. Bernard’s Middle and Upper School

This film and its study guide will move your students to talk about and understand the history of America and Afghanistan at war, through the lens of war widows, children, and civil society. Beyond Belief is a beautifully realized film, evocative, moving from the personal to the universal. The message is that "this whole world is ours, we are all connected, we are all responsible for making this--our--world better…
Ambassador Swanee Hunt
Harvard Kennedy School of Government

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